Frequently Asked Questions
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How do I look at each photo?
The preview is presented like the screen below. There is a section to the left of the screen with a series of thumbnails and the main image to the right. At the start of the preview, the first thumbnail is shown as the main image, but you can select any of the thumbnails to be displayed as the main image, simply by clicking on the thumbnail.
Click on any thumbnail image to see the full-sized version of that image in the main window
Image Reference Number

Where can I find the image reference number?
In the preview pane, you will see a series of thumbnails to the left of the pane and the main image to the right. The image reference number of the main image is displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen, as shown in the diagram below.
Click on the arrows to load another set of 20 images

Not all the photos seem to be there.....?
For the purposes of good presentation and maximising the usage of screen space, the thumbnails are displayed 20 at a time (five rows of four images). You can scroll through the different sets of 20 images by using the forward and backward arrows just below the thumbnails to load the next or previous set of 20 images. If the forward arrow disappears, this means you are at the last set of 20 images in the sequence. Likewise, the disappearance of the backward arrow means you are at the first set of 20 images in the sequence.

Can I print or save the images?
No. It is not possible to print or save the images from the preview.